Huntress Nova is just an ordinary 15 year old girl who loves to make music. It's a hobby and a passion. Ever sense she was little she had always been interested in music. When she was very young she always tried to play the piano in the living room of her home and strummed her granddad's guitar. She started writing songs in elementary school. Of course they weren't the best songs but it was a start. As of right now she is still writing songs and is pouring her soul into her music. She may not add vocals to her songs because her voice needs improvement but that's the beauty of her music. It leaves the listener to focus only on the music and not any possibly obscene lyrics. Her main influence for music is Lady Gaga, Greenday, and Basshunter. Huntress Nova is a a die hard Little Monster.She hopes to one day get an album on the shelves and on iTunes. Hopefully, one day, that will happen.